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I haven't posted much lately. This needs fixinatin'. See, December was frustrating. On the whole, the month was mostly just a long, tiring trudge through the "Holiday Season". Yeah, I was so not feeling the "Christmas Spirit". I had a number of plans materialize at the last minute: thirdson's Draft-Dodging party, princess_muffin's moviewatching thingy, my trip to Foxwoods with getoffended, and a good bit of hanging out with rosinavs, but there were also long stretches of blandness and ennui. As of the first of the month, I had three weekends completely free and empty. Everyone, it seemed, wanted to do things on the Fifteenth (and every invitation preambled with "This is the only day I'm free"), which left the rest of the month for...working on my cross-stitch, I guess.

Anyway, January has been a lot better so far. I rang in the new year with a carful of the ladies and a bunch of other cool people at the Buttery. I've had good experiences with Buttery parties so far, leading to good and interesting things, but they're not like shogunhb's. They're more portentious, but not quite as fun. Maybe I just know more people in Worcester, maybe I feel like I have more to talk about with my "inner circle". Hard to say. But anyway, the party was good. I even spoke Russian at a native speaker, and she seemed to think I knew what I was saying, which is a sign I should find some people to study it with so I don't fall off the edge of the earth with it.

New Year's Day was spent quietly recuperating, napping, eating, and chatting.

There was a disturbing lack of Dance Practice on Wednesday, which was replaced with a little adventure down Moody Street. A few brave souls dared the last vestiges of the Dec-Jan cold snap to hunt buffalo at Bison County, harvest games at Danger Planet, and scavenge for books at the used book store. Then we retired to the House of Cats for some lounging.

Thursday continued the adventures of the Glorious Storm of the Ocean, wherein we got ourselves deeper into debt, trouble, and pan-Creation politics.

Friday, I had a date. More on that one later.

Saturday, Edward the Grey got knighted. There's really nothing I can add to the majestic simplicity of that statement.

Sunday saw a return to My Land, complete with pictures and a meeting of Camelot's Interior Design Committee. More on that one, too.

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