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I think I need a new WoDish Icon...

I am revisiting the notion of running a Changeling: The Lost campaign. Looking at my schedule, I must say the best time for me is the first and third Tuesday of each month. Play will probably be somewhere T accessible. The premise is this:

Once upon a time, you were a normal person. Then your luck ran out. Coerced, Kidnapped, or simply Lied to, you were Taken, shown wonders no Mortal could imagine, experienced Horrors that would shake the very foundations of the Earth. Too tenacious to succumb, you tore your way through the Thorns to make your way back home. But you can never really go home again. Maybe, though, you can create a new home among the gambreled roofs and colonial balustrades of the Miskatonic River Valley. Or maybe you'll just end up Lost in Arkham.
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