December 9th, 2001


Winter is here.

It's cold outside.
There's white stuff on the ground.
The stuff is not dandruff, it is snow.

And I am a procrastinating jerk-off son of a bitch.
I have homework I should do. Lots of it.

And I'm still a selfish asshole.
Marc, don't worry about getting together before Christmas.
But if you find yourself with a couple hours free, gimme a ring.
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    Seikou Naoka - Memories


I have no time.
I have less time than that.

Everything is always filled with mindless games and songs and many words that mean nothing.

And all it does is distract me from the worthless homework I don't work on.

I need more time.
And I need something to fill it with.
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    Pink Floyd - Time