January 21st, 2002


Right There

You're right there, Marc.
I can type to you all I want, but you'll never hear.
You'll never understand.
I know this because I've tried.
I thought you understood me once.
Maybe you understood me then.
But I've changed, Marc.
And you haven't tried to talk to me in a long time.
As a matter of fact, I don't think you ever tried to talk to me.
You always just replied when I talked to you.
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    Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here


My first love's initals were ASS.
How ironic.

Ass was both his most admirable physical trait, and his least tolerable personality trait.

He always thought his hair was best asset - and it was nice. He had long brown hair and bangs that could make you go off right there in front of everybody if he turned his head just right.

But his perfectly round, sweet little ass was the greatest. Especially in his corduoroy shorts. He's the only person who can be quiet in corduoroy. And I bet that requires a ton of muscle control.

Nice Ass.
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    LotR - Concerning Hobbits