June 3rd, 2002



I've been painting nonstop since 3:00 (okay, I had, like, dinner and stuff).

I have used 15 paints and 6 inks on The Project (i.e. Sean's birthday gift). And since he doesn't read LiveJournal, I can tell you all what it is! HA!

I have posed, constructed, and almost finished painting a Tyranid Hive Tyrant (for those of you that don't speak Warhammer 40k, that means "big ugly space bug thingy"). The work is 75% complete. All I need to do now is keep applying red and purple inks until I get the look I'm going for. Basically, Mr. Space Bug's face will be pink, the rear tip of his head (3 inched away) will be black. Everything in between will be something in between, in order. If I'm lucky, I'll be done with that just in time to blow dry, varnish, and take a snapshot or two before heading over to Game Thursday night at his apartment.
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Scary Movies

So this rather menacing-sounding individual calls up and asks for my mom.

Me : She's not here right now.
Him : Is your father there?
Me : Uh, he's busy right now.
Him : He's not there?
Me : Uh...yes?
Him : I'm in your house.

Turns out he's the guy who lives on the second floor of the house my parents rent.


Ever notice how whiny hard rock bands complain that they don't feel anything?

Well, guess what, I don't feel that way.
It isn't that I don't feel anything, it's that nobody feels me.