June 5th, 2002


Reign of Fire

I suspect the preview for the post-apocalyptic dragon movie inspired last night's dream.

A horde of dragons were assaulting an Evil Overlord's Capital City, in which I dwelt. Myself and several others hid behind one of those several-foot-thick steel doors while a dragon named End-of-Worlds (or some such) was pounding his way in. The Evil Overlord managed to lure most of the dragons away to another city, detonating it, and seemingly destroying them.

However, the dragons had reinforcements and the evil overlord was forced to destroy the city we were in. There was a momentary ground lurch and then silence. The other people I had been hiding with believed the dragons destroyed and were in the process of opening the door as I awoke.

Oh, and speaking of dreams...

I had my first alien abduction dream, but I don't know if it counts.

I was walking around my house, but noticed that all the lighting was weird...so I realized something was wrong and started screaming. There was a flash and everything was in grayscale, there were vaguely humanoid faces looking down on me. Then I woke up.

A little while later, I woke up for real.
So was it a real alien abduction dream, or an alien abduction dream dream?