June 18th, 2002


Mallrats...or Clerks?

•Oange Julius at the Natick Mall is too bananaey.

•Saw a horrible act of cruelty. A man was leading his blind daughter around the store (As Seen On TV), not saying a word to her. She just had to put up with him. God, why do they let just *anyone* breed!?

•Crystal from Newbury Psychic thingy said she was sent by God to help me. She wants to burn candles for me but needs me to tell her how much I want to pay for them. Am skeptical.

•Boss rearranged my hours again. Not bothering to keep track of anything anymore excpet when I am supposed to arrive and when the store closes. Thinking of taking over as Manager just so I can have regular hours.

•Finished Shadow Star, the last of the trilogy following the adventures of Willow Ufgood and company after Willow. Read the first two, they're really good. Skip to chapter 9 of the last book. The first 300 pages are terrible. (9 is pretty bad, but I think it summarizes what happened in 1-8 better than chapter 10 would).

•Shared 2 intimate moments with children. I think they can see how envious I am. They have all the world has to offer and don't even think it's all that special. One more year of school, and then I can start putting money away for a few of my own.