July 1st, 2002


User Lain has crack.

Dream last night :
John Flansburgh (of TMBG) is having very cheesy cream of broccoli soup in a large shallow bowl with a gigantic spoon. suddenly, another Flans steals it. He runs outside and sees Flanses depicted on every building stealing things. His life is slowly ripped apart by these mysterious otherworldly hims and eventually he realizes that the world doesn't even notice him anymore. He is recruited as an angel (and mysteriously now looks like Bruce Willis) and is last seen revealing a double agent to some security agency that wears silly grey uniforms. That sounded a lot more coherent and interesting when I first woke up.

Speaking of Lain, has it ocurred to anyone else that the main characters all have Engrish names? Elaine, Erika, Alice, and July -> Lain, Rika, Alice, and Juri.

In other news, I'm really fucking tired and will probably be napping at work. Go me!
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I have work till 10 Wednesday, which means no Barbecue, but it does mean I can go to Manray. 18+/No Cover! Woo!
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