July 2nd, 2002


Matt : Hey man, how's it going?

Me :
Today was really tiring. I spent all day moving stuff up to my new apartment, cleaning it, and moving it around some more. Tested all the electrical sockets and got a list of things I need to talk to the landlord about :

1. Getting copies made of the key to the front door. Sure it's always unlocked, but we have no way in without keys.
2. The windows bite. Are you ever thinking of replacing them?
3. The electrical outlet in one of the closets doesn't work.
4. The second light socket in that same bedroom doesn't work (may be a related problem).
5. The faucet in the bathroom is not secured to the sink.
6. There is no cold water in the kitchen.
7. Why didn't you inspect the place after the previous tenants left and charge them to remove their junk?
8. Why didn't you *tell* us the subletters were flaking out on us!? Our phone numbers are on the fucking lease, dickhead!!!
9. You don't read my Livejournal, do you?

Tried to deliver Daren's keys to Seth. Failed miserably. Discovered the "Sun Room" would make a really great gaming workshop - mini painting, terrain building, etc. etc. Four rooms are clean. All that is left is the bathroom and the living room. Learned to always ask Boomer's what's on their subs. Cranberry Sauce? *Shudder*. Bid on birthday gift for sister. Kim IM'd me and wanted to have a deep conversation.

So that's how it's going, Matt. Thanks for asking.
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