July 24th, 2002


My Boss's Boss

is one of those slimy middle-management types that make you feel good about your job while they're talking to you - but then you need a shower afterwards. Like Joe, only Indian. He is on his cell phone 100% of the time he is not talking directly to us. He's the guy who dropped off the new register, rang up one sale, and left. I wonder if they'll actually be able to use it once I'm gone.

On my way to the bank to make some change the other day, I discovered that the mall had started to set up their summer bridal show, blocking my path. So I moved their velvet rope aside (it's not like it was roping off anything more than tables and chairs) and as I almost finish crossing, some guy comes over and motions for me to go back from whence I came. Lighten up, Ropeboy, I wasn't trying to rain on your parade (or your wedding show) - I was just trying to get through the mall. You were the one going out of their way to make life unpleasant.

Speaking of going out of your way to make life unpleasant, a woman came in last week to try and return something. She didn't have her receipt, but she did bring in her credit card bill - making her purchase well over a month old. Now I admit, our return policy stinks - 7 days is the bare minimum the company thinks they can get away with - but I don't know of any store that cares that will let you return someting over a month old.

I started training the new guy last night. He caught on real quick on how to handle the register, although the art of counting money seems to be lost on him. We had an interesting conversation on God and the Nature of the Universe and whatnot, and we have similar tastes in music.

This is probably the last time I will be able to post or read LJ before next Wednesday. I'll try to wade through all the posts, but I might miss a thing or two.