August 1st, 2002


I need a mechanic.

Big, strong hands...
Deep blue eyes that can stare at my parts for hours...
Oh, and it might be nice if he could fix my car. She's grown to HATE city driving to the point of stalling 75% of the time I have to stop.

By the way, I'm not dead.
'Con report to follow.
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'Con Report

OK, like, I'm back from Botcon.
For pics'n'things, try this gallery, put up by Benson Yee, whose site is my favourite spot for TF info and where pretty much all the links on this page will lead. 'Con was pretty good. The dealer room was hooge (at least compared to 'cons I've been to in the past). The video room was showing Robots in Disguise, so I didn't go in there. I couldn't stand that show in 30-minute doses. Why watch a marathon? The art room had some fairly generic TF art, a hooge poster that I couldn't get a good look at because of the angle it was posted at, and some cool stuff (of which there are pictures up above). The charity auction was kind of crazy. I don't know how much it went for, but one of the guys we were staying with had a $70 bid on the Monty Python bunny before realizing they retailed for like $5. Good thing someone outbid him. Joe had a bit of an impulse-control problem, he ended up buying 10 Glyphs, and gave like six of them away to the rest of us. I never made it into the Autograph room. They didn't have any Ubercool voice actors and I was too busy scavenging in the dealer room anyway.

It was cool meeting paladin256, Joe, and even UnicronQ. I feel kinda bad about some of the barbed comments I made at/about UnicronQ (as he is at least slightly autistic), but I know that the whole point was to say things so far over his head that he still found them funny. That by making fun of him on levels he can't comprehend, that I am satisfying the bully in everyone else and sparing him any embarassment. At least, I hope God saw it that way.

Here's the damage to my wallet:
Collapse )

I now have 5 gestalts (Devastator, JRX, Magnaboss, Metal Hetman, and Omega Prime). I am also a lot happier about the condition of my existing toys - my Blitzwing, for example, is only missing the missiles, turrent, and one purple clip broke off. My other toys, though occasionally battered, minorly broke, or with overly loose/tight joints are all still a lot of fun. I am not burned out, I can still stand looking at transformers, and I still want everything Armada has to offer.
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Location, Location, Location

Here's what I have to say about everywhere I've been in the past week:

Massachusetts - home sweet home. or something.

New York - Apparently, 'lower gas prices in effect' means 'costs the same as in Massachusetts.' Didn't compare their prices to the one time I got gas in Michigan and didn't want to bother with the funky conversions in Canada.

Canada - beautiful. I love it up there. Cops seem to exist only to prevent pesky Americans from smuggling things in or out. Traffic holes so large I can go weave the highway at 140 klicks. Always get lost on my way out, though. Seems they don't want me to leave.

Michigan - Sucks. Detroit has the most ambient light of any city I've been to at night, and all of it is so high in the air that I couldn't see *anything* with my headlights on. Who needs to see conning towers and antennae lit up like Christmas Trees? They also have the 10-foot-slab-of-concrete theory of road construction. You know, the kind that makes it sound like you have a flat? Fuckin Michigan. The only things I liked about that damned state were
1) Sonya and fambly
2) Blinking Reds on Left-turn signals
3) Pitchers of Shirley Temple at Red Lobster
4) Leaving

Ohio - Rained all the time. Probably a coincidence. Drove through Toledo both ways. Wasn't as bad as Michigan.

Indiana - Not much to say about the state in general. Streets in Fort Wayne were either 5 lanes wide and one-way, or normal 2-lane roads. Sonya had complaints about their Wendy's Kids Meals.

Never driving 12 hours alone again. Besides the fact that I had accepted that every other car on the road was a Transformer (and always keeping my eye out for Decepticons), by Midnight I had started hallucinating Blue SUVs every couple of miles on the New York Turnpike, where the white reflectors on the side of the road occasionally had a red friend.

License Plate Watch:
All 50 States except: New Mexico, North Dakota, Mississippi, West Virginia, and Wyoming.
Four Provinces : Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec.
U.S. Government, U.S. Airforce.
As far as I could tell, the Ministry of Transportation uses regular Ontario Plates. I forgot to closely examine the cruiser I rode in when that nice Canadian Cop helped me find a garage to look at my car.
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Strange Dreams

Lately I've had some funky dreams. In the dream, I am where my sleeping body is. And a female friend is also there. We start kissing passionately. Not romance-passion, intensity. As I move to start pleasuring other parts of her body, she rejects the attempt. In the first dream with squirming and squaling. In the second with forceful redirection of my hands. We continue to kiss and then I wake up. Fun but weird. I was kinda disappointed I didn't have another last night. More data to go on would be nice.

What does it all mean?
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