August 26th, 2002


Depression, part II

Fought off the urge to watch the world slide into ruins around me by working on my Falcon Grav Tank. Mine will be red with black trim and gold engines. I also want to blend the front from red to white and the turrent from red to black. I put on another coat of red and black, and 3 coats of gold for the engines. Gonna start working on some sketches to figure out how I'm going to do the blending and what colour to make the gems.
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Words to live by.

1. Do not listen to your Gym Teacher. He is an idiot.
2. Avoid at all costs being on a team with a P.E. All-Star[1].
3. While playing sports with a cute guy, do not suck.

I love volleyball. It's my favourite sport. No throwing. No catching. Virtually no running. And the only thing you need to hit is a ball the size of your head. And you get to hit it with your hands. Beautiful.

My new transformers toys came in. Superion has finally joined my other gestalts. Superion is, of course, the only one I've actually put together. All the others (and even four Aerialbots) were purchased whole.

The first fall game session of my Earthdawn Game is tonight. Woo! I'm still kind of miffed at Glenn for dropping, but there's little I can do except get Cat to lecture him back into Kindergarten for me.

Started hanging out in the Wedge again. So much better than the Campus Center. No internet or food to distract you from work or friends.

[1] P.E. All-Star. That guy who thinks he's hot shit who, the worse you are doing, more and more demands that he is the only one who can save you.
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