September 4th, 2002


Everyone knows it's Mindy

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<a href="">Which Animaniacs Character are You?<br>"You are inquisitive to the point of getting trampled, run over, and blinded, on a daily basis. "<br>
"It could be due to your scientific nature. You long to learn how things work."<br>
"Because you really like to know things, but are prone to getting hurt."<br>
"Because, if it wasn't for others generally taking the fall for you, you might well be dead by now! Remember, curiosity is great, but it also killed the cat. Well, in this case, the dog, Buttons, would probably be more appropriate."<br>
"Okay, lady, I love you, bu-bye!"
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What's going on?

My last post left me on my way to the shores of Winniper to enjoy the sun and stars and nostalgiac ambience of my summer camp - my home. It felt kind of odd being there since it had been 2 years. I felt much older and distant than I had as a sophomore. Camp has evolved, as always, and so have the people involved.

And so have I. I swam a lot Saturday (which is nothing new) and played Volleyball a lot (same as always), but I actually decided to join in the game of Softball. I never made it to first, never caught any balls, but I did feel involved.And the only pity I got was after the ball smacked me in the mouth (causing a still irritating cut on the inside of my lip) and I ended up the last batter of the Ninth Inning. I struck out, but they did give me a kindness extra swing (Tink they said. Tinkerbell is more like it, but I appreciate the gesture). Later that night I bruised some ribs diving onto concretelike sand trying to keep the volleyball up.

So I'm a little battered physically from my Labor Day Weekend, and due to incurable anxiety over a certain other party being held on Lake Winnepesaukee that weekend, I'm a bit battered emotionally. Actually managed to get some work done on my IQP and convince my MQP Advisor I had worked on that. Now I just need to play around with Finale to show some work on my Suff.

Asked a cute guy out. He was my lab partner in Stats I, almost again in Stats II, and he's in my Volleyball class.

"Would you like to go out sometime?" I said.
"You know. Hang out, see a movie or something."
"Sure. I'm kinda busy this week, and then I have rush to take care of this weekend. I'll talk to ya [in class] Monday."

I'm not too sure he realized I meant a date. But he was interested in seeing me outside of class. It's a start. I wonder if he's gay...
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