October 10th, 2002



Hung out with Katie and Mike that I met at Crossroads. Katie went on this long spiel about marijihuana and I mostly nodded my head because I've never tried it. Took a puff off a clove once. It was phyiscally less disgusting, but on a spiritual level wholly vile beyond my comprehension. To borrow from the Werewolf mythos, it was one of the most Wyrm-tainted things I've ever touched.

Alcahol has a strange effect on me. Even the 11.5 oz. Savanna (6% alcahol by volume) is enough to make me dead tired and want to crawl into bed and pass out. Pretty amazing considering I had it with lunch at 1:00. I experienced no other effects.
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Well, that was a letdown.

I just took the *easiest* test I've ever taken at WPI. It was also my last.

I am now bereft in a scheduless wasteland of Projects:
C Suff
D Capstone.

I will also be taking a Math Grad Class with Professor Martin next Semester. *for fun*.
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2 parties tonight. And I'm home by 11. I just couldn't stand it anymore.

Inevitably, people just start hitting on me and I know they don't mean a thing.
I always feel so used.

I wasn't able to get drunk enough to be willing to tolerate it.
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