October 28th, 2002



Went on Glee Club trip. Concert was fun and the audience liked it. Stayed up till 4 in the morning talking to Alex about stuff. Going to ask Pat out next time I see him.

It also recently came to my attention that some other people have figured out that I am a bad GM, and I was just wondering if anyone who reads this could think of why they think so. I've already thought of a couple of reasons why I think I'm a bad GM, but honestly don't know if other players would perceive this as such.

That is all.
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I am so stupid! Lame! I deserve to have the shit kicked out of me by superpowerful six-year olds. He was sitting right next to me! Looking at me all cute with those eyes! And I don't get up and say "Fuck me hardcore!" or even "Hey, wonna go out sometime?"

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Player Lain has Male

Note to self: No matter how much they're laughing now, the players do not actually want an orgy. I need to keep myself from getting distracted from the task of running the game - and keeping it interesting.
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