November 12th, 2002


Ye Gods, this is pain!

Ever had one of those dreams where you and a some friends are wandering around the woods like teenagers in a Horror Movie? I have them occasionally. Only there's no axe murderer. No slobbering, shapeless beastie. It's always dinosaurs. Viscious, hyperintelligent velociraptors. This morning I defeated a blind one in melee combat with 2 screwdrivers and a pillow. This is an experience I do not want to repeat. I'm never listening to Simon & Garfunkel before bed again.
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    String Quartet No. 13 - Ludwig van Beethoven


It seems a number of people took interest in this morning's post. Something about dinosaurs and dreams and Simon & Garfunkel, I guess. I went into a little more detail in a reply of my own, so be sure to check back. Babylon 5 Season 1 arrived today. So very shiny it is. And so very compact. It takes up the space of 3 individually wrapped DVDs, containing twice the viewing time but less than an additional centimeter in width than Transformers, giving it the most stuff:space ratio in my collection.