March 21st, 2003


Gaming Weekend

So it's Gaming Weekend, and while I do have 2 events taking me away from the action, at least one of them is Gaming-related. Tonight I go to Mykal's LARP, which will hopefully be cool. And the best part is, Andrew's staying for the weekend. And of course, Saturday night is Elaine's birthday.

Projects are going OK. Not having a meeting time set up makes it harder for me to remember to work on my Suff.

One weird thing about me, I keep having these 'hit the motherload' dreams. Early this morning, I dreamt I had found a Gaming Store that had lots of Jyhad cards from sets I don't have, as well as a few choice transformers. Some of these dreams are so vivid it takes me a couple days to realize why I can't find my moxen.
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    Symphonie Fantastique - Berlioz

The Net

Tech Update: Internet is still really boring. The thought has occurred to me that I haven't caught up with any of the Webcomics I once read, but seeing as I only think about that when I'm bored, I really don't see any reason to start reading them regularly again.

Started playing Go online at Kiseido Go Server. Unfortunately, I don't like the online game very much as I keep making retarded mistakes that I'm sure I wouldn't make on a real board. My current rating is 25 kyu after Resigning to someone who obliterated most of my pieces 1/3 of the way into the game.
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