February 9th, 2004


Greg & Rick?

So this morning, I had a fun little dream. A large group of people, myself included, were walking across a large open basement area when all of a sudden the ceiling gave way and the swimming pool water came crashing down from above. The dream was largely populated with Glee Clubbers, and one of them and I along with some random girl were able to cling to the handrails on the wheelchair ramp and grab people as they got swept by.

The whole thing somehow turned into a LARP, as we all became stranded on isolated pockets of fletsam in a large body of "water." A number of people were exploring or swimming in the water by crawling or dancing on the carpeting. I "swam" over to another large group of survivors after an argument over exactly whose idea it was to save people at the wheelchair ramp and found Greg and Rick in sleeping bags trying to share a couch. They had gotten all twisted up, and Rick's head was supporting most of his bodyweight by pressing his lips down on Greg's. For some strange reason, whenever the two of them show up in my dreams, they're always making out at the exact moment everyone decides to pay attention to them. Greg woke up and fell off the couch and was about to come up with an excuse (probably of the "ouch, my manhood" variety) when my alarm woke me up.

One of the things I hate most about getting up early in the winter is that I'm very light-sensitive, so when it's pitch black outside and I have to turn lights on in order to do anything, it gets bright very fast and hurts my eyes.
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