February 23rd, 2004



One of my responsibilities this week (my direct boss being in Florida and all) is to write the company checks (but not sign them. boo hoo). This means I will be writing them out manually. I'm having difficulty if I should write them out in the manner I do, or in a more traditional fashion.

The differences between me and everybody else:

1. I write AD on all my christian calendar dates, or at least those that include the year, which would mean all the ones on these checks.

2. I write all my dollar amounts (the words, not the numerals) as mixed fractions. Thus, $150.50 would be One-hundred Fifty and a half dollars. The idea for this originated from the fact that I like writing out as much as I can, and that every check I've ever seen already has the word "dollars" printed on it, so it would be silly to write so it says "One-hundred fifty dollars and fifty cents dollars."
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