August 9th, 2004


Where do we go from here?

How did we get here? When did everything stop being healthy and good and become so sick? Was it ever healthy and good? How do I get out of this without abandoning my family?

Am I pretending to be this afraid?
Am I pretending to feel this normal?
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Letter of Recommendation

Ever since I employed Greg as a mathematics tutor for my daughter in 2001, he has truly helped her increase her scores and confidence in the mathematics fields. When Greg first started teaching, he tutored my daughter in Geometry and then progressed to Calculus 1 - 4 and Differential Equations in her freshman year at WPI. My daughter has only received A's in all her mathematics classes through Greg's help. Greg fully contains the ability to teach. I have rarely seen students of his age that have the full capacity to teach material that they themselves have so reacently learned. Greg, when taking classes himself, is capable of grasping the foundation concepts as well as the details and can hence relay that back when teaching. Teaching requires knowledge of the basics as well as the details and Greg has a very firm holding on that process.
Greg made my daughter like math! That, above all, is the most important. Before Greg started tutoring, my daughter did not enjoy doing math as much as she does now. Greg has developed a way to teach math to her that has not only allowed her to understand the concepts and pass the tests, but also to appreciate the knowledge for what it is. Greg was a fantastic teacher and I would always give his name to anyone who is looking for a mathematics tutor. He will most definetly do well in any job position because he is intelligent in every sense. He is capable of understanding material, processing it, and reproducing, but better still, improving on the foundation concepts. Greg is an extremely well mannered young man with a good heart and a scintillating mind.
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