January 22nd, 2005


How things change.

I watched "The Eye" today (as in, "The Eye of the Storm"), the second half of the two-part episode of Stargate: Atlantis in which a storm threattens to destroy the city. A Tsunami rises up, taller than most buildings, ready to bury Atlantis beneath the waves for a second (and far more permanent) time. It occurred to me that, just a short month ago, we wouldn't have had the foggiest idea of what a real Tsumani could do. Thoughts like this come to me, from time to time.

The school just got brand-new Atlases for one of the social studies classes. As a lover of maps, I took a quick browse. It was very nicely done, filled with the most up-to-date information - from 2004. The list of major earthquakes reminded me that - barely a week before - all of these Atlases were hopelessly out of date. Islands in the South Pacific have been devastated, altered, moved, and destroyed. Over 100,000 people have died, and the orbit of the Earth altered slightly.

And while I'm talking about how things change, I'm a little surprised to see that my friend-of list has grown again. See the evolving drama here.