August 4th, 2005



Stellastarr* is opening their North American Tour in Boston on the 31st. Location is TBA, but you HAVE to see them. Check out this post to understand how much I love this band. Their new single is getting a little play on 'FNX, and the station is hosting the concert, so I imagine they've gotten a big enough bribe to keep playing the song.

Edit: OK, it's a seekrit concert, and you have to *win* tickets to go. Grumblefuckmutter. New mood: enraged
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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The Good:

I have tickets to an exclusive concert on August 12.

The Bad:

It's not stellastarr*. It's OKGo, which is almost as awesome, but that means I have to keep listening to the damn radio station to get my tickets to see stellastarr*. Course, maybe my luck has run out...

The Ugly:

Since my first choice for a date is already involved with someone, you all get to fight over who gets to go.
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