February 15th, 2006


The Stars Are Right!

The Good:
It is pre-ordained. I must run my Werewolf: The Forsaken LARP at Intercon G. The game's events center on an Eclipse, and there's an Eclipse during the 'Con. Sure, it doesn't fit the Con's theme anymore, but come on: Total Occlusion begins with exactly 15 minutes left in the LARP.

The Bad:
That is, assuming they have me run in the "Afternoon" slot. Total Occlusion begins at 17:45, but moonrise isn't until 17:30, and sunset is only 17:36. While the sun will be setting in the South-Southwest and the moon will be rising in the East-Northeast, Boston is to the East. Anyone near Chelmsford at 5:30 PM this week? There was a Full Moon on Monday. So, not only do I need to run in the Afternoon slot (probably a reasonable assumption), but it needs to be dark and clear in the direction of moonrise (not a particularly reasonable assumption), and I need a room with East-Northeast facing windows (probably an unreasonable assumption). Sounds like I need backup.

The Ugly:
I need to write the damned thing, and most of my friends who liked Werewolf either hate W:tF or are boycotting nWoD outright...
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