March 30th, 2006


Rude Awakenings, part 2.

Argh. For the second time in a now, I've been woken up half an hour early (and at 5 AM, half an hour is a loooong time). I synched my phone last night, and forgot that it has an annoying habit of duplicating moved appointments. One appointment that's been moved since I last synched it was my wakeup call. I used to get up half an hour earlier. This was ostensibly so I could get to work half an hour earlier, but since they don't turn the heat on until 7, it just ended up being snowstorm insurance. An interesting sidenote is that when I moved my wakeup time back half an hour, my ready-for-work-time only moved back 15 minutes.
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    Symphony No. 3 - Schumann