July 3rd, 2006


Minority Report

Poseidon was not total garbage. The set-up sequence was really bad, but they got to the disaster in record time. The cast was as follows:

•The Dad. Also, an ex-firefighter and ex-mayor of New York City. Did I mention he was played by Kurt Russell?
•The Lovers. The Dad's daughter and her boyfriend.
•The Gambler. The mainish character of the movie, as evidenced by the horrifically bad CGi shot of him jogging all along the deck of the ship in the opening sequence.
•The Single-mom. Gee, what could possibly interest a Gambler besides money?
•The Kid. Attached to the single mom, of course.
•The Man With Nothing Left To Lose. A gay cuckold? This is *so* a 21st century movie.
•The Stowaway. At least she's hot.
•The Cook. ¡Más y Menos si Podemos!
•The Plucky Comic Relief. Man, I hate that guy...
•The Captain/Preacher/Black Guy. As always, they ran out of budget and had to consolidate a few characters. My favourite of these was Deep Blue Sea's Cook/Preacher/Black Guy.

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Even in disaster movies where they practically require there to be 3 female characters (so that the slut can die and the other two can get married), there is *still* no Mo Movie Moment! The only time I can recall two female characters talking to each other in this movie at all is when The Lovers (Part A) and The Stowaway are trying to free The Lovers (Part B) from a pile of wreckage. And they don't have enough brains to do it, so the (plastered) Plucky Comic Relief has to come in and rescue the helpless women.

Wait, maybe this movie really *is* total garbage...
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The Drive-In

OK, so I was *finally* able to figure out where on the webpage they advertise the start times of the movies. I was, perhaps, a tad overzealous when I suggested the movies would start at 7:00. Still, I think everyone had a blast, and I know a bunch of people were hoping to go again. So I present...another poll!

Poll #761309 What are your thoughts on the Drive-in?

Will you be joining us at the drive-in in the future?

I went to the drive-in and want to go again ASAP.
I went to the drive-in and want to go again.
I went to the drive-in and had a good time, but do not want to go again.
I went to the drive-in and didn't enjoy the experience.
I did not go to the drive-in but want to be in on the next set of plans.
I do not want to go to the drive-in.
Drive-ins suck!

I'm booked this weekend, so if you want to go see Pirates, you're on your own. I might be convinced to organize a trip to see Monster House when it comes out on the 21st.

Leave comments of your experience, both good and and bad (mostly good) to help inform others regarding our next trip.
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Sigh. Anyone know the best way to de-mold nylon? My tent got soaked after last month's Crossroads, and 3 more weeks of constant rain left my tent moldy. It doesn't smell (yet), but it's rather unsightly. Any ideas?
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