July 31st, 2006

St. Basil's

A week ago, already?

My girlfriend had been planning a surprise weekend for me, and though we had oodles of free time to be together, the dust and other whatnot of my house kills her, and so would her roommate if we spent too much time at her place. So, due to our strong survival instinct, outside intervention was necessary.

She picked me up Friday afternoon and we drove out to Worcester to get some dinner. After weighing our options, we settled in for a nice relaxing meal at Thai Cha Da. We stopped briefly at TE so I could pick up my latest shipment of comic books, then headed South for destinations...unknown. Well, we had actually discussed going to the Drive-in, but Tropical Storm Beryl got into town a little earlier than we had hoped, so we instead got a hotel room in the East Bumfuck Hotel and spent the night lounging on the bed, reading comic books, and watching She's the Man.

Saturday, we lazily got up and checked out of our hotel at 10:59, and drove down to Southwick's Zoo. The weather was rather unpredictable that day. Sometimes hot, sometimes cool, sometimes sunny, occasionally downpouring, but we saw all the animals that weren't fed up with the weather, and got some cute pics in. We headed up 146 to Blackstone Valley to eat, do a little shopping, and catch that Monster House that we sadly missed due to the weather. We had lunch at Red Robin, a burger and stuff joint that has an awesome strawberry lemonade and good burgers. I tried on a few pairs of shorts that were 4-6 inches smaller than what I'm used to buying, discovering that I should look into buying my boxers in Medium. She got a nice pair of jeans, a corduroy hat, and a hawt shirt. Monster House, as you know, was awesome.

She drove me home, but we weren't quite done yet. We stayed up late into the night reading her autographed first edition Stardust and fell asleep in each other's arms.

Sunday, we had dim sum with juldea and londo at China Pearl in Woburn, then watched the remaining two movies from my previous post. We dropped them off at their place, then headed off to MIT to bask in their air conditioning and read some more. I've never been this happy.
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