October 2nd, 2006



Endgame run 2 is over and I'm mostly cleaned up from the experience. Awesome as before, but I had a little more personal trouble this time. tpau's character's cabinmates don't like me (in or out of character). This makes it rather frustrating to help her set up the chem lab in their cabin. While I was packing up her table, one of them had some folded laundry on it. I went to move it and he snapped at me, "Put that back". I said "Sorry, but that ain't your table and I gotta get going" and he gave me a "That's Nice"-style snide remark. Also, one of the characters in that cabin, who is admired by pretty much every character in the game, including my own, verbally bitchslapped my character (or was it me?) late Saturday afternoon.
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