October 26th, 2006

St. Basil's

The best thing about New York City is...You and Me

I was worried about going to NYC. I feared it would be just like any other US city that I'd been to, and that the time and effort (and money) tpau put into the trip would be wasted. We rode the dog down into the Port Authority, and I was not exactly amused to note that the Chinatown Buses and Peter Pan I had ridden years ago were nicer. Still, the city lights were pretty as we got into town and rode the MTA over to doozer4200 and her beau's apartment. When asked what I thought of New York so far, my answer was "quiant". There were little fenced-in trees, buzzer doors, hideous tile, and an old-fashioned elevator. What other possible answer could I give?

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