November 7th, 2006


Imagination Day

It's Election Day. It's like Christmas. It's like the first day of school. It's like the day I met tpau. Today is a day of limitless possibility. Tomorrow, we may finally have the tools to ensure Equal Marriage at home and Freedom abroad. Tomorrow, I may be thrown in a detention center, never to be heard from again. Who knows? Today is a magic day.
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I present, for your amusement...

A Democrat who urges you to vote Republican and A Republican who urges you to vote Democrat.

I personally agree with the latter. jducoeur is actually the reason I voted for Patrick. I was planning on making a symbolic gesture of voting for Ross, since I think Patrick's got this one pretty well nailed, but I was reminded that I should not make perfect the enemy of better. Patrick is not outspokenly pro-Equal Marriage. I can find no direct quote of him on the matter, nor does the subject seem to appear on his webpage at all. But what he has directly stated on the matter, "The SJC got it right, let's move on", has got any opposition to it in Boston dead to rights. When the Constitutional Convention meets, he can tell them to "stop arguing about marriage and fix the Big Dig!" That was the only 3+ candidate race on my ticket, I voted Third-Party-over-Democrat or Democrat-over-Republican or Me-over-Republican for everything else.

There are Republicans I like (hi honey!), but the Republican Party must excise the NeoCons from their ranks before I can take them seriously, and the first message I linked you to is why. Orson Scott Card is right, Bush can't use another name for "the War on Terror" without its message being Anti-Islamic. But we can. Because what we're fighting is the War on Fundamentalism. And the reason Bush can't call it that is that he's the enemy too. Just like the War on Drugs, we will lose this war so long as we are funding both sides. If we can shove the NeoCons back to the looney bin where they belong, restore our trampled and demeaned Constitution, we can win the war in Afghanistan and Iraq, and we can do it without cutting and running. We can do it the same way we repair natural disasters, the same way we repaired England and France and Germany and Japan, by making things work in those countries until those countries are strong enough to make things work for themselves. Anyone who thinks the U.S. can ever leave Iraq until it is as strong as France is kidding themselves.