May 1st, 2007



Does anyone else find the monthly "this is how to unsubscribe" emails so annoying that you're sometimes tempted to drop the email list entirely?

Anyway, today being the first, I went through all my monthly internet upkeep habits. I went through and made sure all my April emails had labels, went through my gweep account and deleted all the SPAM (there were 4 valid emails in there, 3 of which were from a certian doc_smiley who keeps forgetting to update his address book).

Your emo alert for today is: Moss.

Rant on calendars to follow.
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Mmm, so I forgot to record my thoughts from the funeral Sunday:

•*blink* My grandfather was a Mason?
•Thanks to my grandfather's and other units, not a single allied ship was lost to U-boats during Operation Overlord. He always claimed that he had been on-board one of his bombers during the D-Day Invasion. I left it out of my earlier biographical post because it was against regulations, and I therefore wasn't entirely sure it was true. But it does seem like the sort of thing he'd do.
•One of the men in his unit sent in a letter telling a story of how, for one of their reunions, one of the men couldn't afford to come. My grandfather flew out to where this man lived, rented a car, drove him out, paid for his hotel room and food, then drove him home, and never told a soul.
•The most negative thing he's ever said about a person that anyone could recall was "He's such a pistsol!"
•Oh, crap, they're playing Taps, where's my handkerchief? We had 3 Navy guys drive up from Groton to honor him. They presented my father with a Flag (pre-folded and in a plastic flag case due to weather) and played Taps. Taps makes me cry. Just thinking about Taps makes me cry.
•Many people complemented me on how I strove to portray him honestly, and how he'd've appreciated his human faults and frailties remembered.

12 straight hours of Smalltalk is hard!
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