July 1st, 2007


The Calling

I went to The Calling cookout (or is it the The Calling cookout) today. A good time was had by all. We ate food, showed off what we had put together of our costumes, and played around with the systems. First we played a couple of battles using 50 character point characters. Then we "trimmed the fat" so to speak, bringing the characters down to 35 cps and we made 6-character teams to go on a few adventures. I like using the "trim the fat" method of character creation for new systems. Do I play a Gunslinger or a Rifleman (or both)? Do I play a Magical Healer or an Apothecary? Playing around with the different things you can buy and then nixing the ones you don't like can be a lot more satisfying than buying an ability only to discover it's kinda useless.

On to the game itself: It uses the Accelerant System (formerly known as nTeraction), which is easy to use and fun to play. Don't want to fight with a sword? Try being a spellcaster. Can't throw a beanbag to save your life? You can use nerf guns! Don't like guns? Play a healer and always be the center of attention (and never wont for an armed escort). The gameworld is kind of like Magic Kingdom: The LARP. Characters from the various themed areas are being called to an island in the middle of it all for mysterious purposes. The various lands are:

•Ancient Romeland

It looks to be a lot of fun. I've been looking forward to getting back into a campaign LARP, and this looks like a fun one. Also, my gun shoots radioactive bullets.
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My check to Camelot cleared! I am now a proud member of the landed gentry. Suck it, Trebek!
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