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A Touch of Madness
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Monday, July 30th, 2007

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Anyone looking for a unique opportunity in computer network management?

Current Mood: amused

(Nobody understands me)

World's Largest Dungeon, Part Fünf
Did anyone post a log of Session 4? Anyway...

Yesterday, the intrepid explorers

Lenny, the Human Paladin (londo)
Fedra, the Human Barbarella (juldea)
Happy, the Human Spiked-Chain Monkey (who disappeared in a puff of illogic) (thatjoe)
Robin, the Halfling "Acquirer" (kestrel404)
Wynn, the Human Cleric of Kord (ruggrat)
Gronnash, the Halfling Bardbarian (deceased When Fiendish Owlbears Attack) (jediseth)
Airc, the Half-Orc Ranger (pacingincircles)
Fortinbras, the Human Cleric of De Fault (evan712)
Fred, the Human Monk (nightskyre)
Gaffney, Halfling Paladin, and his trusted steed Waldo (etherial)

mapped out the remaining nasal passages of the World's Largest Dungeon under the cruel will of Dungeonmaster shogunhb. Or at least, the Halflings did. Apparently everyone else got dysentery or something, and we got bored, so Gronnash, Robin, and Gaffney, along with his trusted steed Waldo, wandered around, trying to clear out some of the parts of the dungeon we had left unexplored. A good time was had by all.

Cut for graphic depictions of Dungeon CompletenessCollapse )

60 out of 840 pages completed. At the current rate, it will take 21 years to complete the Dungeon. shogunhb, how many rooms did you say there were total? I'd like to compare page completion vs. room completion.

Current Mood: accomplished

(15 sympathetic lies | Nobody understands me)

I am getting several times daily SPAM from dadmail.jp. I'm guessing that gmail is having trouble detecting it as SPAM due to the fact that it's in Japanese. Can anyone who reads Japanese to the site and tell me what the hell it's trying to sell me? It's not porn. Porn comes in only one language.

Current Mood: annoyed

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