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A Touch of Madness
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Tuesday, September 18th, 2007

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But what would I say?
I feel like I should talk to her. AIM, Cell Phones, Email, they all provide the illusion that she's right at my fingertips. But what could I say? What would she say? Would I do anything other than hurt myself more?

Current Mood: frustrated

(2 sympathetic lies | Nobody understands me)

Remember your mantra: If she wanted to talk to you, she'd talk to you. If she had anything to say at all, she'd've said it by now.

Current Mood: frustrated

(Nobody understands me)

Call the Wahmbulance
Sorry about all the angst. It's just that it still hurts. I opened myself up to her, and she cut me right to the bone. I let myself trust her; I let myself need her, and in exchange my trust was betrayed, and even when it cost her nothing to meet my need, she simply chose not to. She told me that she wanted me and she ignored me. She told me in her words that I was important to her, and she told me in her deeds that I was worthless to her.

Current Mood: crushed

(2 sympathetic lies | Nobody understands me)

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