September 24th, 2007



Happy birthday to Becky pulito!

Also, I forgot to say it day-of, but happy birthday to dilettante. He and I are having Venezuelan tonight. At first, I wanted to keep it kind of quiet, but, well, screw it. Anyone who knows us (or knows me enough to know they should meet dilettante) is welcome to come! 7:00, 343 Arsenal St., Watertown. Comment here.
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hopeless causes

Lost in Sunflower

I've had a player drop my Changeling: The Lost one-shot this Friday. Is anyone else interested in pinch-playing? I can run with a man down, but would prefer not to.
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Another Day

I like having my entire music collection on shuffle. It's full of random things that stir up random memories. Some time ago, I was listening to "Another Day" with tpau. We both immediately agreed that it was the best song in Rent, but we didn't have a chance to discuss what it meant - just to know that we disagreed on what one should take away from the song. So I ask you, gentle reader, what does this song mean? Lyrics and my thoughts behind the cut.

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