February 4th, 2008


Abortions are not a good thing, but they are better than the alternative

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Dow got you down?

The Dow is down 108 points today. Consider investing in something other than Monopoly money. Camelot still needs capital to help ease us through the Construction and Closing Process, and we're offering good money for investments. Don't have enough to bother investing? Would you consider giving us a monetary gift? We are looking for cash donations to get us to a short term fundraising goal.

Many people have told us throughout the years how much they support the idea of cohousing, and how they support our efforts at cohousing, and how proud they are of what we have done so far. Because we are building affordable housing as an integral part of our project, our resources are currently stretched uncomfortably tight.

$100 would be helpful. $1,000 would be very helpful. $5,000 would be brilliant!

Any gift would not be tax deductible and you would not own any piece of the project, but you would earn our gratitude, our thanks, and an invitation to our open neighborhood house party when the project is completed.

The 41 families of Camelot Cohousing and Mosaic Commons Cohousing have invested $3.2 million dollars of our own money into the joint project to try to build a physical community. It would be great if we could now turn to our extended network of friends and our on-line community for additional help.

Donations can be made on the Camelot Cohousing website.
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