February 18th, 2008

hopeless causes

World's Largest Dungeon (http://etherial.livejournal.com/179524.html), Part X

Yesterday, the intrepid explorers

Lenny, the Human Paladin (londo)
Fedra, the Human Barbaranger (juldea)
Airc, the Half-Orc Ranger (pacingincircles)
Oryx, the Human Cleric of Some Magicky God (thatjoe)
Kelvin, Human Cleric of Fharlanghn(ddrpolaris)
Black Bart, the Half-Orc Fighterparagon (dirkcjelli)
Luca, the Half-Elven Bard (nightskyre)
Sam, the Halfling Bardrogue (kestrel404)
Einkill, the Dwarven Wizard (jediseth)
Gaffney, Halfling Paladin, and his trusted steed Waldo (etherial)

sauntered through the medulla oblongata of the World's Largest Dungeon under the cruel will of Dungeonmaster shogunhb. We faced bats, traps, more traps, bugbears, and a few more traps. A good time was had by all. Also, there were traps.

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85 out of 840 pages completed. At the current rate, it will take 21 years to complete the Dungeon. 12 years if we throw out the first session as an outlier.
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hopeless causes

Crap on a stick!

I totally forgot about Cloverfield and this looks to be its last week. Tonight is my only free night to see it. Anyone up for Framingham at 10:00?
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