March 14th, 2008


Happy π Day!

Sadly, I've been a bad boy and have not been posting much lately. Party reminders and memes aside, I haven't really touched the lj in a month. The stats:

5 Camelot meetings
4 Dates with rosinavs (and countless time spent together, including lunch on Tuesdays)
4 RPG sessions (Thursday Gaming group has been kind of flaky lately)
2 SCA Events
1 Con

It's really hard to beat the date we had on Valentine's Day. We went to the Premium Theatre in Framingham. We had a nice dinner, splitting appetizers, entrees, and dessert, we had a few drinks and some popcorn, and the establishment provided us with a lovely rose. We watch Definitely, Maybe, a cute little romantic comedy which may not have had a Mo Movie Moment, but contained women working in politics and the lovely little exchange:

What's the boy word for 'slut'?
They still haven't come up with one yet. I'm sure they're working on it, though.

Chance and Design have conspired to ensure that I have some free time in March, so maybe I'll manage to finish some of the projects I have on the back burner, including the ones that involve spending lots of time with rosinavs. February was fun, but crazy.

PS - I'm wearing the math club t-shirt.
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