April 4th, 2008


Changeling: Lost in Arkham

Game is going well. We've passed the magic "3-session" mark whereby most games implode. Progress is being made on the ω-plot, and the players have discovered the α-plot. I worry that I'm being too much "velvet glove" on the γ- and δ-plots, but I've got time for that. Well, not too much time. Recent events appear to have conspired to limiting my game to a six month run. Worst case scenario, I can start hinting at the β-plot and shoving some B-plot at the players. This is probably the most ambitiously plotted game I've run so far. I mean, my Earthdawn games both had wheels at the center of the universe whose gears had small but perceptible effects on the course the games were supposed to take, but this plot line is a) even more localized and personal (probably due to the nature of the nWoD vs. Earthdawn game worlds) and b) more apt to subtlety due to the different tools the game designers hand to the Storyteller.

We'll see. Maybe it will explode halfway through. Maybe it will finish but not live up to expectations. Maybe it will be fantastic. We'll see.
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Someone stole my idea! My original version was going to be without the vampires and instead the zombies have to manage their dwindling resources. But still, my idea.
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