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A Touch of Madness
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Friday, April 11th, 2008

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LARP Dreams
Once upon a time, there was a dashing hero seeking Fame, Fortune, and Food (as played by me) in a land led by mystical priestesses who eschew all violence (as played by GMs shadowravyn and Jo). They were beset upon by an evil overlord (as played by doompuppy) trying to conquer the Universe. Tensions grew as the evil overlord consolidated power and the priestesses were unable to stop him without breaking their sacred vows -- but there was hope. Legend spoke of a magic dagger which would be wielded by a man who would defend the kingdom and be the one man worthy enough to serve by the side of the head priestess. Naturally, everyone wanted that magic dagger.

As time was about to run out, Our Hero noticed that, among the 15 pieces of flair worn by the head priestess on her jumpsuit (shadowravyn, who later explained that there was some sort of flair-based plot) was a cheap flimsy plastic Halloween store kukri. With but seconds to spare, I leapt forward and grabbed the cheap flimsy plastic Halloween store kukri, which magically transformed into a cheap flimsy plastic Halloween store kukri that represented the Magic Dagger! All hell broke loose at that point, and there was a lot of stabbing, mostly between myself and londo, who was playing some sort of lackey/mercenary/one-eyed bad guy.

The bad guys vanquished, the GMs began to convert the room into a wedding chapel whilst the head priestess explained the reward to Our Hero. He was to be King of all the lands he surveyed, living richly off the coffers collected by the priestesses, with the sacred duty of being Lord Protector and seeding the future generation of the priesthood. The only other condition, an element of the traditional marriage vows of the priesthood, was that she would have the legal authority to end his life with but a moment's thought. Treading carefully, Our Hero explained that he was also big on tradition, and even though there were usually no men in the wedding party other than the groom, he insisted that he have a best man during the wedding. Released to go find his best man, Our Hero ran for the hills, leaping deftly past the priestess guarding the door. The end.

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