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A Touch of Madness
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Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

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OK, so the Mendon Drive-In has posted their showtimes for this weekend, and I was wondering what y'all was interested in. It also occurred to me that I am once again living 50 feet from the Boston Marathon Route and don't - necessarily - get Patriot's Day off. If I were to take Monday off, would anyone be interested in joining me at SFNE, moving the trip I had planned forward a week (or adding another trip)? If I do go on Patriot's Day, does anyone have an alternative activity to do on 4/26 that I've left off my calendar?

Poll #1171509 Skejuling

Friday, 4/18: I would prefer to

See Horton Hears A Who + Nim's Island
See 21 + Vantage Point
Do something else

Six Flags New England: I would like to

Go on 4/21 (Patriot's Day)
Go on 4/26 (A Saturday)

On 4/26, I have plans/have heard about and would like to invite Greg to

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