May 22nd, 2008



The bad news: I got laid off yesterday and, because of our contract with Administaff, my health care coverage expired at Midnight.
The good news: QCMetrix is so horrified about the health care coverage that they're willing to cover me for COBRA 'til June 6th.
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Do ye favor Lancaster, or, if not, perhaps then York?

This weekend, I am going off to war with rosinavs and a bunch of our sca friends. One of the interesting bits of War of the Roses is that each attendant must support one of the vying houses: Lancaster or York. Not being English, I don't have an inherent preference, and a wee bit of debate has been fostered on the subject, as well as an amusing lack of asking of our Baron his opinion. Forced to search within myself for the answer, I find myself kicking myself for not remembering that I already have a favourite. 'Tis the future Collapse )
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