July 7th, 2008


So much weekend, so much to update

My weekend began Thursday morning as I made the finishing touches on packing for the weekend and loaded the car. It really is a beautiful thing to see how full I can pack the car, especially if the cooler is empty of alcohol1. Anyway, rosinavs and I got underway around 12:30, but had to make a couple of stops along the way to buy insect repellant, lunch, beer, irish cream, and limoncello. liamstliam recommended a fabulous beer store and we got him a bottle of old expensive beer as a thank-you gift.

Aside from the downpour and subsequent traffic in Albany, the trip up to Glenn Linn was beautiful and pleasant. We got there around 5:30, pulled out our table and chairs, and cracked open a cold one. This was about the time we noticed that we forgot to get jdulac's cell number and had no idea when our encampment was arriving or where they wanted to camp. We called hfcougar, who gave us the number to call hugh_mannity, who could give us his number. After pitching our tent once or twice, others started to appear, and we had a full encampment by sunrise2.

Friday, I was MoLing, keeping the fighters and autocrat hydrated, and got to follow the Princess around as she got to try out a sidesaddle in preparation for Court on Saturday. I now have a vague understanding as to why someone might want to ride in one, if one was wearing a skirt of only moderate swish or short length.

Saturday, I was with the Queen as she practiced her Equestrian and then as she bestowed her favor upon the armies of the East. I also took pictures of her head Lady in Waiting her first time on horseback. This was then followed by playing with string in the A&S Pavilion, winning a brown leather sporran and a pound of fudge in the silent auction, and Court, the highlights of which were the Royalty riding into court, the presentation of steeds from the Barony Beyond the Mountain, and Toki Redbeared suing the Kingdom for failing to give Laurels to Grimm the Skald (the suit won). After Court was the torchlit East Kingdom Equestrian Championship.

Sunday morning went surprisingly fast as we struck camp.3 We made the mistake of stopping for lunch at the first rest area on the Pike and it was completely crowded and many tempers were short. Fortunately, there was plenty of space at the next one, and we ate leftover bread, cherries, and sausage from the day before. After lunch, we went over to Six Flags because, come on, we could go for free! We were hot and sticky, so we went to the water park. We rode water slides, swam in two of the four pools, went tubing down Adventure River, and managed to keep our sunburns from worsening. We bought someone's locker off of them for $10, which we later sold for $10 (see, Anarcho-Capitalism can work), so all we paid for at the park was food. Unfortunately, we were far more tired than the lines were manageable, so we didn't end up going on any roller coasters (again, the nice part of going for free is being able to walk away whenever you want).

Finally, we unloaded rosinavs' personal stuff into her apartment, my personal stuff into my house, and all our camping gear into my garage to get ready for next weekend. Whee! Camping again so soon!

  1. Of the states we'll be passing through, only Connecticut allows open containers in the passenger cabin, which is a damned shame, as the cooler fits much better in the backseat than the trunk.

  2. Maybe closer to 3 AM. I'm not really sure, I had been drinking for many hours at that point.

  3. His Excellency jdulac had left early, so there was a lot of food and gear that had to be redistributed, but we managed.
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Sappy sap sap

I am a sap. I am not the only one. Angels and Airwaves' Tom DeLonge is also a sap. He's decided to make a science fiction film out of his ridiculously optimistic band's music.

If I had my own world,
I'd build you an empire,
From here to the far lands,
To spread love like violence.

Let me feel you, carry you higher,
Watch your words spread hope like fire.
Secret crowds, rise up and gather:
Hear your voices sing back louder.

If I had my own world,
Children would see truth from fiction,
Adults would defend it with conviction,
We'd work together with boundless passion.

What would you do with your world?
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