July 19th, 2008


µ-Post: A Garment a Day keeps the Nudity Away

I need to sew a garment a day in order to use up all the fabric I bought for to wear at Pennsic. I'm going to call today a "success". True, the bobbin winder on my mother's machine broke (and I snapped a needle), but I'm about 18" of sewing away from finishing the T-tunic I was working on. This is good because I know I can easily sew a pair of cossack pants or an Elizabethan shirt in a day, but in terms of sheer volume of fabric/cutting/sewing, T-Tunics are the most challenging, not even including the fact that they use two different kinds of fabric.

I also need to remember to take a break during the hottest hour of the day so that I don't kill people.
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There Were Five Of Them

On advice from my sweatshop director, I'm looking to see a movie around 2ish today. The Fall is playing in Arlington and I never got around to going to it so far (and it's probably not staying around much longer). Anyone interested?
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