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A Touch of Madness
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Monday, August 11th, 2008

Time Event
etherial's War Journal - Epilogue
Day 14 - left Pennsic behind for family camping with rosina and her cousins in Michigan. Drinking game around the campfire.

Day 15 - Went swimming in the pond. Napped a lot. Reminisced about last trip to Michigan.

Day 16 - Beginning of 24 hours of constant rain. Headed east. Dinner at Niagara Falls.

Day 17 - Deposited most camping gear - still have most of the encampment. Camelot meeting.

Current Mood: exhausted

(Nobody understands me)

As expected, lj is unable to render skip=enough to allow me to get caught up that way. I'll be reading blogs and communities one by one until I've gotten through them all (though any posts appearing on my flist after this one will be read).

Current Mood: tired

(Nobody understands me)

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