December 4th, 2008


Take Me...To the next Level!

rosinavs and I are thinking of taking our relationship to the next level. That's right. We're thinking of buying a pavilion together. There are a couple of things we haven't decided on yet, but the biggest question that we want input on has to do with decorating the damned thing. This is going to be a lot of white canvas, so judicious application of color is important. For reference, my favorite color is green and hers is purple. My arms are (the as of yet unapproved) Gules, in annulo 3 Goutty de Poix in annulo, at fesse point a triangle ployé inverted Sable. Hers are Azure, a pile issuant from sinister base Purpure fimbriated Or.

For the easily bored, that means we like black, blue, gold, green, purple, and red.

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Edit: Do not stare directly into House Strangeways.
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