December 26th, 2008



I don't often write these, but today's thoughts seem to come in the form of a list.

1. Christmas was fun. My sweetheart gave me a Home Depot gift card with crinkled duct tape printed on it. The cardbox has a picture of a roll of duct tape and the tagline "A true handyman's wrapping paper". My brother got me 3600 Alliance Credits. There are other gifts, including a most excellent bottle of Whisky (also from rosinavs), but these two had the most fanboyish "squee".

2. Camelot is having its housewarming on Wednesday. Yes, the same New Year's Eve as 10 million other parties. I've been kind of waffling on who to invite because I feel like I'm trying to drag people away from the competing parties that I know and love. This is only the second time since I started at WPI that I'm skipping a Worcester New Year's Party. But if you want to be on the official Camelot "invite everyone in the known world to our party" list, lemme know. And if you do want to stop by Camelot New Year's anytime from 6 PM Wednesday until...whenever, let me know so we can have a headcount.

3. The trial period for the software I was using for work ran out, so now I have to go back to the previous version that we actually have a license for. It's kind of amazing how much you miss the new version when you have to go back to the old one.
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