March 4th, 2009

hopeless causes

Honestly, I can't remember the last time a company tried so hard to discourage my patronage(*).

*OK, that's hyperbole. Just yesterday, Microsoft reupped its efforts to convince me to never buy Vista.

My sweetheart and I are trying to order a tent from Panther Primitives, makers of the most beautiful, and widely regarded as best, period pavilions. They had an end of year sale in December - everything an extra percentage off. I sent them an order in December. In February, they send me an invoice...using February prices rather than the December discount. Apparently they wanted me to also give them my credit card number in December...even though there was nothing to charge because they hadn't verified the order I submitted.

We want this tent. We really do. But I for one feel like they're trying to cheat me. And I don't like that.
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