April 24th, 2009


re: My last post

My sister needs some tutorial assistance with the following:


Prerequisite: CH 201 or the equivalent, MA 102 or higher. A one-semester study of the facts and principles of chemistry as they apply to biological macromolecules and biological systems, with emphasis on the structure-function correlation. This course has a mandatory lab that complements the lecture. Topics include re-emphasis of lab safety; water in biological systems; protein chemistry - including the structure, function, purification, sequencing and synthesis of peptides; carbohydrate chemistry – including thermodynamics and mechanism of glycolysis and the Kreb’s cycle; nucleic acids – including solid phase nucleotide synthesis; enzymes - including, mechanism, kinetics and regulation; lipids – including biological membranes and transport, fatty acid metabolism; biosignaling; oxidative phosphorylation; endocrine regulation. Lecture: 3 hours per week. Lab: 3 hours per week. 4 credits

Moving Truck

Our moving truck will be arriving from Philly in about an hour. Pleased to be making to Camelot for the helpings, kthxbye. There will be Quizno's and beer.
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hopeless causes

Just so we're clear

Nobody has RSVP'd to help us move tomorrow and we are desperate for help. We cannot do this alone. So please, I know there are a million things going on tomorrow (as we'd love to do half of them), but if you can spare some time to help us load the truck, we'd really appreciate it.
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