June 14th, 2009


Back in the Saddle

So, there was this play, Henry V. It was fun, it was good, people seemed to like it. This could be a post about my deep-seated mistrust of compliments, or the fact that, though I enjoy acting immensely, I feel very out of place among actors, but while those thoughts have been ruminating, I was honestly too busy acting to write much about them.

No, this post is about RPGs, because it just feels damned good to be running a game again after taking nearly a month off due to Thursday rehearsals. It's so nice to have my own messed-up little world where people are attempting to pull off crazy world-domination schemes and mindfucks, and there are horrible monsters out there to brutally destroy everything you ever dreamed of, but it's okay because there are adventurers out there to stop them. It's so nice to slip into storyteller mode and not worry about having to play six different people correctly and can instead play four different people simultaneously because nobody knows if I'm doing it wrong.
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