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A Touch of Madness
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Sunday, October 11th, 2009

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National Coming Out Day
I am bisexual. This means I am interested, romantically, in men as well as women, or anything else we humans choose to categorize ourselves as, really. It doesn't matter to me what's between your legs - I'm interested in a soul that complements mine - shores up my weaknesses, relies on my strengths, and brings me the promise of eternal happiness.

I have found that soul. We're getting married on May 15, here in Massachusetts. It's very special to me that we live and are getting married in Massachusetts. I truly believe it is pure chance that my betrothed is female, and I want to live - and marry - and honeymoon - in places that honor and respect my wishes to marry as I see fit, regardless of gender. We're sad that California, Denmark, Italy, Japan, New York, and others aren't likely to make the cut in time, but there are places that do that will be a joy to visit.

I'm telling you this so that you can never think of "them" without thinking of me. So that you can understand just how "one in ten" is a gross underestimation, and you can never know who around you is gay. So that you realize that I knew I was bisexual when I was six and I suffered in silence while I was called a fag, mocked, tripped, kicked, for a decade before the people around me matured enough for it to be safe for me to talk to a single one of them about it.

I'm telling you this because Matthew Sheppard was tortured and murdered because he was gay. I'm telling you this because Harvey Milk was murdered because he was gay. I'm telling you this because Alan Turing was castrated and driven to suicide because, despite saving the world from Nazism, he was gay.

I'm telling you this because every time you hear gay used as a negative word, you are allowing the dark influences that killed these men and countless others to grow. I'm telling you this because every time an insensitive gay joke or gender stereotype is repeated, you have an opportunity to stand up for children who don't have a voice to defend themselves with or to allow those children to be berated, shamed, and confused.

My name is Gregory Stuart Pettigrew and I am bisexual. Always have, always will be. This is National Coming Out Day. If you think it's weird that I am making a big deal of it now, understand that I am telling you now so that someday, no one will have to make a big deal of it at all.

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